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"Pantsula", Through the Eyes of Michael Moloi

“Pantsula, the so-called rebellion dance form that was created in 1950 or during the apartheid era in South Africa, in the east and the west side of Johannesburg.”

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Wättssoul Wednesdays with Scramblelock

Check out the who, what, when, where, why and how... with Scramblelock on Wättssoul Wednesdays.

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How to foster more growth into the Locking Art form? As an observer who happened to be passionate about Locking

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About Locking ?

If you have been studying it long enough “Locking” is a dance that sent you on the quest of a lifetime. It made you dabble in your parent's old record collection

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"GUMBOOTS" Through the eyes of Michael Moloi

What is Gumboots? "Gumboots is a rhythmic cultural dance created by men in the gold mines of Johannesburg during the apartheid era". In this documentary, Michael...

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Tumelo Michael Moloi
17 October 2015
Artisan Crafts
​Big  big thanks to Wättssoul for helping me with media and everything that has to do with advertising my art ...
30 September 2015
About 4 years ago after coming across a wonderful photograph on Facebook I decided to follow a lead from its waterm...
27 July 2015
We’d like to start with a big Thank You to everyone who participated in the Wättssoul “W” Artist Challenge. It wasn't e...


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