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About Soul

This morning I had the urge to spew some self-righteous bull about my views on the state of our dance. But then I remembered that this would be in fact judgmental. How can you judge something that is invisible: Soul! It's both amusing and frustrating to realize that it takes patience to develop an attitude of surrendering to the fact that in dance like in many other art-forms, some things are lost in translation. Like what it means to have "soul" when you dance. 

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"Pantsula", Through the Eyes of Michael Moloi

“Pantsula, the so-called rebellion dance form that was created in 1950 or during the apartheid era in South Africa, in the east and the west side of Johannesburg.”

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How to foster more growth into the Locking Art form? As an observer who happened to be passionate about Locking

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About Locking ?

If you have been studying it long enough “Locking” is a dance that sent you on the quest of a lifetime. It made you dabble in your parent's old record collection

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"GUMBOOTS" Through the eyes of Michael Moloi

What is Gumboots? "Gumboots is a rhythmic cultural dance created by men in the gold mines of Johannesburg during the apartheid era". In this documentary, Michael...

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Friday August 19th at the "Artifice" loungeParty Time!Hi everyone!To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Las Vega...
26 January 2016
ONE PLACE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS!The Wättssoul Platform has many objectives. Build a worldwide artistic commu...
05 December 2015
Why is Wättssoul involved in the Locking community?A culture always starts with visionaries which inspire a community. A...


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